Friday, July 15, 2011

The Beginning

You remember in the movie Forrest Gump how Forrest sits on the park bench waiting for the bus? He chit chats about the small stuff and notices what a nice pair of shoes the woman beside him is wearing. He says if he thinks hard enough he might be able to remember his first pair of shoes. "Mama said they'd take me anywhere" are the words he used as he is magically transported back into his childhood and begins remembering the trials of his childhood.

Now that you have that image in your mind, just know that my story doesn't start out anything like that. I'm a skeleton. Not just any skeleton, but one made out of metal wire and foam. I was probably created in a factory in another country. Some kid probably created me in a sweatshop on a different continent. Guess what? None of that matters.

My life began a little less than a year ago. Somehow I found myself propped against a tree at a yard sale in Lakeland, Georgia when this guy stopped by to see if he could purchase me. His name was Walter Goff and here is where my story really begins.....

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