Sunday, July 17, 2011

Feeling Blue....

 So the South Coochee Red Necks weren't exactly what I was looking for so I headed west. Northwest to be exact. Unfortunately, this place ended up being The Pitts... I strolled into town wearing my best Red attire and they laughed at me. I couldn't stand it. Well, with only one foot, it's hard to stand at all. Anyway, it was time for a change.
 I found this one horse town and thought it would be a good place to plant my feet, um, foot. First thing I did was get some new duds. Blue seemed to be the theme and I went for it. Hey, nothing screams scary like a zebra striped hanky in black and smurf blue. And who knew how fashionable a Dickies work shirt could be???
 With a skull and crossbones knit cap and a pair of crazy eye glasses, I was set to cause some trouble. First thing I had to do was get past the Barney Fife deputy. Oh, that was fun, believe you me.......
 I met him in the alley. Just he and I . It was dark. Rain slowly trickled down. My glasses were fogging up. His hand was shaking and my foot was aching. Yes, the one foot that I actually still have. Barney drew his pistol with the pen and paper I provided him. It was actually fairly good. I asked if he studied art in school and he told me that he studied my Mom. That's when I put a bullet in his head. Lol
 With one less copper do deal with, I only had one thing left to do and that was pick up a little extra cash. I found myself standing at a cross road. Well, actually outside the Pitts Banking Company (Organized in 1906). I grabbed my gun. I stepped to the door. I looked for any bystanders and didn't see any. I was just about to get my robbery on when I discovered one little problem.............The bank of Pitts moved down the road about 500 feet and they were closed. The building where I was standing was abandoned and only for show.  Who knew they locked the doors early on Wednesdays? What was I to do? What else??? Lol. I was going to get a bite to eat.
Since I was new to town and I didn't have any money, these two good people decided to hook me up with one of  Wilcox County's juicy and delicious hamburgers. Let's just say if I wasn't dead before eating it, I should be after eating it.... This place didn't last too long.

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