Friday, July 22, 2011

Don't Shoot the Messenger

 You know how most of the skeletons you've heard of either are underground or hiding in a closet somewhere? Well, I'm not like most skeletons. Nope, I am a mover; a shaker; anything but a faker.
 I go to work every night and earn my keep. It's a real skeleton crew at night. Usually just me and a buddy of mine. You may not see us on the screen that much, but guys like Billy Cuff and I really make your world a lot more enjoyable. If you are watching the news or catching a show, we are responsible for punching all the right buttons. If it wasn't for us, you would be watching a blue screen right now....... Back in the day, that blue screen would actually be nothing more than static. Lol. That was also when we had to get up and go turn the channel on a round dial. Sometimes, if the signal didn't come in too good, we would gently pull on the dial and stick a coin in there to keep it locked into place. Wow, that seems so primitive compared to what kids have today.
 Like I said, I don't do it all by myself up here at Fox-31. Billy does most of the work, but occasionally he lets me help out. I gave him a break every once and awhile to make a phone call or to jump on Facebook. Lol.
 When we aren't in the control room, it is imperative that we make sure the weather report is accurate and ready to go for the next newscast. On this particular evening, we were preparing for some HOT weather. This was about a month ago and now I hear that the rest of the country is catching up with us. There has been news story after news story about the heat wave.  To that I say "Boo Hoo." Nobody made you live there. Get over it already. Put on your big girl panties and take it like a woman.
For a week after this forecast, we experienced 7 straight days of 99+ degree heat.  Many days it was 102 or hotter. It was just as hot for me as it was for you so before you shoot the messenger, just remember that I prepare the weather, I don't make it.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what a busy skeleton does during his night shift job. Maybe soon I will show you some of the cool things we do when we are goofing around with the news crew.

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